Coconut Mug - Burnt Yellow

$ 30.00

The natives here at Taboo Island, always looking to celebrate classic Polynesia and go back to the basics, have decided to produce their version of the classic coconut mug.  Most coconut mugs made in the past were perfectly round, but we've noticed around the island that you never see a round coconut.  They are always a rounded three sided shape.  Well, wanting to make a realistic mug, the best way to start was with the real thing - the mold for this was made from an actual coconut!  To keep with the authenticity, the top is raked at an angle and the rim is slowly undulating, looking like it was cut with a crude blade by a thirsty islander.

This is the newer version of our coconuts - we'll call it coco 2.0.  After the mugs is cast, all of the stylized grain is added by hand, with no two alike!  Check out the variety of colors these come in.

Measures 3.25"x5" and holds 16 ounces.

Hand made on Taboo Island, USA.

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